Treatment Philosophy

 Adult/Youth Services, LLC is the next generation, guided by a philosophy that can be summarized in two key words: Quality & Affordability


Drug addicts and alcoholics are perceived as having an illness with no desirable onset involving people and their relationships in their environment. Adult/Youth Services believes that if substance abuse clients are educated and understand the consequences of use and abuse, they will have the opportunity and avenue to make a change. In the absence of a timely and effective intervention treatment, the illness can progressively incapacitate and finally destroy its victims.  Here, at Adult/Youth Services, we firmly believe that the right plan leads to success.

For a treatment purpose, Chemical Dependency is defined as any degree (mild, moderate, or severe) of substance use which results in emotional or physical interpersonal dysfunction; or, where a substance is used in order to maintain or improve one's functioning. 

 The achievement of a positive treatment outcome is related to development of motivation within the client to participate personally in his/her own rehabilitation.  Adult/Youth Services goal is to ensure that obstacles creating problems for clients seeking help from the program, be minimized or eliminated. We believe that all human beings have the right to treatment, feel supported, and be successful.